New Mind Leadership Organization is a leadership organization that seeks to train and retrain serving executives and potential emerging leaders around the globe. This is to enable them operate with appropriate skills, competences and capabilities founded on integrity of knowledge, character that develops discipline minds, which result into true success.
This is a leadership organization born out of decades of field work, leadership tests and experiences gained from numerous responsibilities handled by its Chief Executive Officer – Rev Dr. Usman I. Habib and others. He is an erudite scholar of many disciplines, astute administrator and a Biblical theologian. He is also a graduate of the prestigious University of Manchester, England in United Kingdom; where he studied leadership development and strategies of leadership renewal and sustainability. He majored on how to perpetuate the charisms of the Founder of any organization. Many founders do not know how to transmit their charisms, legacies and grace to succeeding generations. We help them to achieve these feats through seminars and training programmes.
New Mind Leadership Organization will help many serving and emerging leaders to ameliorate such potentially known and unforeseen weaknesses, and to strengthen the capacity of sustainable future of any organization. Right knowledge, productive thinking with right team-players will gravitate towards good success.

About Us

New Mind Leadership Organization specializes in training emerging leaders and helping organizational executives and their teams unlock their full potentials to become effective, dynamic and high-impact leaders:
  • We train and retrain Emerging Leaders for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We encourage leaders on how to retain high-impact personnel for maximum productivity.
  • We help organizations discover the value of synergy in Team work.
  • We help Executive evaluate staff weaknesses and strength, and boost strength for higher impact.
  • We offer consultancy services in mentoring young and old leaders.


To Develop People through Productive Thinking and Team Spirit for Global Impact


Changing the Globe through Productive Thinking!



We Focus on What’s Important
Learn how to shift your mindset by analyzing how you tackle organizational dynamics. You will also discover new ways of thinking and operating that will have profound effects on your day to day management skills. Identify your most productive Minds and resources for Maximum Utilization.


You can Achieve What you Want
Your success is in your Decision Making. Take the opportunity to analyze the implementation of your Decision-Making Strategies. Increase your self-awareness, discuss any issues of concern and examine others’ perspectives of your strengths and growth areas, and then apply.


  • We Train Potential Leaders – that is, Emerging Leaders.
  • We Retrain Executives of Organizations on Modern Skills on Leadership and Management procedures.
  • We train Ecclesiastical Leaders of Churches (Gospel Ministers) on Church Management and Administrative Procedures.
  • We Train leaders on how to Build Great Team Members that drives the organizational charisms and goals toward success.
  • We engage in collaboration training and research-oriented findings.

Meet The Team

Rev Dr. Usman I. Habib​


Rev Mrs. Chiamaka Joy Habib



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